Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hunters Report

Some of our classmates have already harvested deer. Steven Finstad shot a fawn , and we asked Steven why he shot a little deer that only measured 36 inches from nose to tail he said "I thought it was bigger." Another person who got one is Lucas Pagel who shot a nubben buck. when we asked him about the shot placement he said, "It was quartering to me and I shot it the lung, liver and the guts. He said Gutting the deer smelt horrible. "I had to wash my hands a lot," Pagel said. Now pagel is persuing the big eleven pointer on his trail camera .Another person who got a deer is Brady Ferguson who shot a 100 pound doe on opening weekend of the season. Last but not least the biggest deer taken so far was me the edidtor Cody Miller. It was about 135 pound doe . I shot through both lungs, "now i am going for a big buck." There are three months of the season still left so there should be more deer taken. We will keep you up to date.

Another season that we can talk about is small game hunting. There hasn't been much small game hunting to report. I've seen a good number of hungarien partridge lately. A few friends and I shot four geese the other week. Lucas Pagel already cooked his in the oven and said it "didn't taste real bad but was really tough." I am going to try making mine into muscle jerky. That way the toughness shouldn't matter.

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