Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Computer chips for trucks

Well the way that fuel prices are going these days I am recommending if you have a truck that does not get very good fuel mileage stock from the dealer, that you look into buying a chip or programmer for your truck. One reason why is because if you buy a chip it will tune your computer in your truck so that it gets just the right amount of fuel and also have plenty of power when you need it. One other good thing about the chips is that you can set it at what level you want.

There is all different kinds of ones you can buy also. You can buy a chip just for fuel mileage and you can buy one for better mileage and more power at the same time, and you can also buy one just for pure power and you will not get any better fuel mileage. The chips can rage from like $80 to anywhere around $500, so there is a big price range. I would prefer that you spend a little more money and buy the better one so that you get better mileage and so it will pay off. I think that you would be able to order a chip for you truck from the dealer but there are also other places that you can buy them from like,, and a lot of others. I prefer if you buy a chip you buy a TS chip. They are a good brand and you can get different kinds of chips and you can set your own level on them for good mileage and more power.

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