Wednesday, October 17, 2007

9th Grade Retreat

The ninth grade year is an important year for the students. The credits in high school count towards you graduating and more ninth grade students fail more classes then any other high school grades. This field trip was ways of helping the ninth graders do a lot better “academically and personally... The staff spent a lot of time discussing how to best receive the ninth graders and they think this is the best way,” according to the article sent by Michael Harvey.

The school decided to have an event for all the 9th graders to go on a retreat on Thursday, October 11th. This trip was split into two sessions. One session was with Rob Kesselring and the other session was with the school counselor and 2 of the 9th grade class advisors.

This trip was a great one, learning a lot of new things and challenging the students to become more motivated for things that go on in life. Rob Kesselring has lead several retreats at Goodhue for both students and staff and is a noted speaker and workshop leader. “Rob was really good” said, Chanel. He wants to teach them about leadership and decision making. His sessions will be held at the lions building. The second session was held at three crosses retreat center. They were focusing on friendship, bullying and decisions making. “It was a great experience,” said Ashton.

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