Wednesday, October 17, 2007

GHS Computers, Bought in the Stone Age?

On the first day of school our new principal was telling us in his annual speech how Goodhue has the best technology of any district in southeast Minnesota. We have a Smart Board in almost every room for example. He also explained how Goodhue has the best computer to student ratio. But then again 100 computers that don’t work are not as good as 60 that do work. So it got me wondering why they don’t work some of the time. So after about five years of looking for Mr. Sand I found him, sat down and asked him some questions.
“The citrix network is 5 to 6 years old,” said Sand. “Look at the change in cell phones in the last five years.”
Mr. Sand also went on to explain, for the size of the network that we have here a normal business would have about 12 IT guys working to keep the network up. Sand only has four hours out of the day that he can devote to computers. One things that has gotten better is getting the teachers off of Citrix, so instead of eating up about 30 lines a day we can use them for students. The other four hours are basically on our own for your entire computer needs. This means that when you go the computer lab by Lagosh’s and half of the computers don’t work you are probably on your own, or you can try to find the new guy, Mr. Anderson. He is more geared towards the software part of the computers but he wears glasses so he has to be smart. Citrix will be leaving in the next couple years and our computer system should get a lot better, however this isn't much comfort for those of us who will be gone by then. “I hate these computers everyday they get worse,” shouted Quin K. For all of you underclassmen remember how bad things used to be with Citrix, when you get laptops in every room in a few years.

DJ Buck

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