Monday, October 15, 2007

Corn Drive 2007

I bet many of you are wondering why we have a corn drive here in Goodhue. The reason we drive around to local farms for a whole day and collect corn and money is to raise money for Camp Courage. Usually we do a pretty good job of this, raising 4,000 dollars last year alone, thanks to our local farmers. This was a school record. Mr. T was pretty proud of his corn drivers.
This year the corn drive was planned for October 10th. Last year it was much later, at the beginning of November. The reason it is much earlier this year is because harvest is ahead of schedule and we want to get it out of the way before the National FFA Convention. To go on the corn drive (and the convention trip) you have to be an FFA member. It’s only $15 dollars so I advise you to join. Now I’m going to explain what it is like a day on the corn drive.
At the first FFA meeting of the year, we plan a day for the corn drive and pick our groups and who is going to be driving. Usually the youngest person in the group drives, or the one who is willing to drive. Before we know it, the day of the corn drive rolls around. Everybody pulls into the parking lot with their pickups and gravity boxes ready to go. First hour bell rings and everybody meets in T’s room. He gives us a big speech on safety and having fun. "This is the one day out of the year that makes me nervous." explains Mr. T. in his speech. Next, we have to pick a location where we want to go so no one goes to the same place as you do. After all is said and done, we’re off. From now on what you do is a mystery.
In the morning is usually when the most corn gets collected. People usually go around to local farmers that they know and ask for a load of corn or a check, making random stops on the way. You can also go to local AG businesses and ask for donations. Kohlenhofers is a good place to go for some corn. After you have collected a load of corn, you take it to Goodhue to the elevator. First you stop by the window and get weighed. Next we unload it. Usually this requires some shoveling. After all the corn is emptied, you have to go back to Ag Partners and weigh your vehicle once again empty, and pick up your pink slip and if you’re lucky, you get a sucker. Before you know it, it’s time to eat. You can pretty much go anywhere to eat, but the traditional location is Dressens in Hay Creek.
The afternoon typically isn’t as productive. A lot of driving around and finding no corn happens. Everybody is pretty tired from shoveling all the corn. Before we know it, its time to head back to school for the end of the day attendance. Everybody usually has at least one good story at the end of the day. Over the next few weeks, Mr. T adds up the corn and donations and by the next FFA meeting we find out how much we collected. Everybody can’t wait until the next years corn drive. It’s one of the best things we do here at Goodhue High School. We’ll see if we can break another record this year.

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