Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Knee"ding A Miracle

As you all should know the third week of the football season was also the last for Quinlan Kehren. Quin, during the second offensive drive of the game, ended up with a season ending injury. He tore both his ACL and his MCL. It would be a miracle if he would play again this fall.

The game was played in Kenyon when it all happened. Quin was on the line blocking for the one and only Eric Ryan when he was hit from the side and then it happened, Quin went down. No more ACL or MCL, we didn't know this at the time when Quin was just sitting on the bench but the trainer told him that it was probobly an MCL tear. When I asked Quin what he thought happened to it later that night he replied, "I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure that i tore my MCL."

Later that night Quin drove all the way down to LaCrosse to see if they could tell him anything that night. He found out that there was no broken bones but they could not tell him much more until he had an MRI done. Later after Quin got his MRI results back they told him that he tore his ACL and MCL. They gave Quin just two opions, come back in six weeks with a brace on and play with a very great chance of breaking a bone or else screwing up cartilage on his knee which they can't fix. Or wait and have surgery once he can bend his knee at 90 degress which will take about six weeks. As you can see Quin needs a miracle to play sports again this year.

Quin now has decieded that he is going to do surgery once he can bend his knee 90 degrees. As of now his surgery is scheduled for November 30th. Wish him luck.

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