Thursday, October 11, 2007

What is Camp Courage?

Every year the Goodhue FFA has their Corn Drive for Camp Courage Centers. You may have had kids come to your house on Wednesday October 10. When they asked you for a donation for Camp Courage, you probably asked yourself, "What is Camp Courage???" The Camp Courage Centers are a non-profit organization for children and adults with mental and physical disability and illnesses that were just discovered.

I talked with the Goodhue FFA Advisor Lee Thompson. When I asked him how long that the Goodhue FFA has been donating to Camp Courage Centers Lee said "This is my 29th year teaching and the advisor of the chapter and we have been doing it every year."

During the Corn Drive the members ask residents and farmers for a cash or corn donation. When the kids get corn from the farmers they bring it in to the Goodhue AG Partners grain elevator. "Over the years AG Partners donation there share by dropping the drying costs of the corn."

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