Friday, September 28, 2007

Fall Play Preview

Goodhue high school will be presenting their fall play, Snowball and others by Paul Sedgewick and directed by Tom Ersland on Saturday, November 3, 2007, and it will be held in the high school auditorium. A matinee and evening showing will be presented. Tentative times for the production are 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. A dress rehersal will be given for the elementary on Friday morning.

The play consists of four acts; Snowball, Brother Bear and Jester, Amazing Checkoff, and Sarcastic Duo. The running time is approzamatly two hours. The pace should be fairly quick and enjoyable.

Cast members and roles are as follows*:

Smiley Hillary Husband
Grundy Brittan Duffing
Taylor Haley Husband
Monroe Brooke Bitzan
Newly Sierra Songaard
Ali Paige Gadient
Toni Sharece Hahn
Clementine Carolyn Johnson
Billy Jacob Blattner
Edgar Daniel Clugston
Lope Erica Tipke
Checkoff Shawna Conrad
Shakey Jenna Kohlnhofer
Simon Molly Benrud
Sam Abbey Kohlnhofer
Benard Michelle Poncelet
Becky Karlaya Hahn
Lester Ray Robbins
Hardy Emily Ryan
Stan Ray Robbins

*Cast has possibility to change

Hope to see you there!!!

Posted by Brittan Duffing and Peter Gruetzmacher

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Just after it was announced last spring that Goodhue would be leaving the Three Rivers Conference to join the Hiawatha Valley League, people started asking questions. Why did they make the switch? Who is going to take Goodhue’s place in the Three Rivers Conference? But the biggest question that people have been asking: Will Goodhue be able to compete with the larger schools in the HVL? After about a month of football and volleyball, Goodhue athletics has a combined record of 15-1 and many of these questions have been answered.
For Goodhue athletes in the last 20 years, long bus rides have been just a part of life. While most of the schools in the Three Rivers Conference (TRC) are fairly close together along Interstate 90 just south of Rochester, Goodhue is the odd man out. Being almost 45 minutes north of Rochester, Goodhue players could expect to ride the bus for at least an hour on the way to away events. After the events, the players get back on the bus and go back home, often arriving back to Goodhue after midnight. “Those bus rides were terrible,” said Goodhue senior Sean Thomforde, “They were just too long!” These long rides are almost a thing of the past now that the Wildcats are in the HVL. Besides an occasional trip to Winona Cotter or LaCrescent, the typical ride will only be about thirty minutes. This move benefits everyone involved with the Wildcats. Parents will be spared from driving long distances several times a week, the players won’t arrive back to school past midnight, and the school will save money on fuel for long bus trips. “It just works out well for everyone,” stated Goodhue’s athletic director, Tony Poncelet.
The move definitely benefited Goodhue, but what about the other teams in the Hiawatha Valley League? What kind of competition does Goodhue bring to the conference? Goodhue is in the smallest class, class A, for all athletic events. The Three Rivers Conference is made almost exclusively of small class A and AA schools. While Goodhue was a medium-sized school in the TRC, they are easily the smallest school in the Hiawatha Valley, a conference full of AA and AAA class schools. Goodhue’s enrollment is about 190. The next smallest school in the HVL, Triton, has an enrollment of about 300. The largest school in the HVL, Kasson-Mantorville, has an enrollment of over 600. With the big difference in class sizes, some say Goodhue will not be able to compete. After four weeks of high school sports in the bag, it’s safe to say Goodhue definitely has what it takes to be competitive. The Wildcat football and volleyball teams have a combined record of 15-1. Both teams face a tough task in the near future as the volleyball team takes on Stewartville tonight and the football team travels to Winona Cotter on Friday.

Brett Watson & Richard Bigelow

Elevator, Elevator we got the Shaft!

Homecoming is a time for high schoolers across the nation to get out of class, crown a king, and put on a skit. The skits are always full on controversy and this year was no different with the juniors and the seniors.
The booster club came out and did their song and dance as they do every year, the junior high needs time to blossom into true skit form, but for the juniors there was no doubt about it they deserved to win their second straight skit title, but I am pretty sure that we got the shaft so we asked everybody.

Here are some indirect quotes from people who witnessed it first hand.

Mr. Stern- I’m thinking the ninth graders

Brandon Hadler- Juniors were fricken’ sweet man

Tyler Lexvold- I’m a pervert

Richard- We should have won. No one plays a better Berge than me.

Anonymous junior girl- We got … jipped.

Micah- It was a really good skit until Dan sang the song

Weime- Juniors dominated until Dan came in

Brent- Juniors cause my dad was in it!

Mal- Our advisor loves the seniors

Brit Loder- The younger kids were good

Mr. Johnson- It was excellent

Mitch Mandelkow- I was too busy chopping to come to Coronation

Dan Austin- No comment. I don’t want to sound like a criminal

The whole junior class….we got screwed.

By: Allison & DJ

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Homecoming '07

On the week of September 17, 2007, Goodhue Public School celebrated Homecoming. The events that occurred were coronation, skits, hall decorations, window paintings, boys volleyball game, powder puff, a parade, the football game, and a dance.

The candidates for Homecoming queen were Alyssa Howard, Ashley Lexvold, Merrisa Ramboldt, Olivia Warren, and Brittney Lodermeier. The candidates for king were Brett Watson, Tyler Stehr, Chad Meyer, Micah Huneke, and Kelby Buck. On Monday night the coronation took place. Previous King, Tim R. crowned the new king, Tyler Stehr. When asked if any of the other candidates were upset, Tyler answered, “Not that I know of, Eric was [angry] that he didn’t get queen though.” Next Tyler crowned his queen…Brittney Lodermeier.

Then each grade did their skit. The skit winners were the Seniors. They also announced the hallway winners - the Seniors, and the window winners - the Sophomores. At the end of all competitions, the Seniors and Sophomores tied for first place, the Juniors got third place, the Freshmen got fourth, the eight graders got fifth, and the seventh graders got sixth.

On Friday, Homecoming day, the cheerleaders had a pep rally right away. Then the junior and senior boys went against each other in a volleyball match. The juniors won the first match by a few points. Then the seniors won the second match. But the juniors came back and beat the seniors by winning the third match. Then the seniors played the teachers, but the teachers were victorious.

Later in the day, the junior and senior girls played powder puff. It was a lot of
Fun, but one of the junior players got a little too aggressive and left a few senior players bruised. They ended up tying 7 to 7. At 2:30 the parade began. First the band played, then the elementary students went through. Next the high school floats went, the sophomores had the winning one. Last the royalty went through and threw out candy.

At 7:00 Friday night, the Homecoming game started. Wildcats vs. Panthers. By halftime the Wildcats were up 38-14. The Cats ended up victorious at 52-14, making the team 3-1. At 9:00 the Homecoming dance started. According to Lauren Brown, the dance was “really boring ... they played two year old songs.” The dance ended at 11:30.

By: Laura Lodermeier, Amber Pearson, and David Safe

Homecoming Football

Gooodhue vs. Pine Island
By: Codey Lexvold and Luke O'Reilly
The Homecoming Football game this year was a big time blowout. After a day of the seniors getting beat in Volleyball and Football by the Juniors, the Goodhue Football team showed Pine Island that they're in the HVl for good when they crushed the Panthers 52-14.
Goodhue started the night off hot right away when they recovered a PI fumble on there first play from scrimmage and Micah Huneke ran it in for an 11 yard touchdown. After Goodhue kicked off again Huneke struck again when he intercepted a Jeremy McNamara pass and ran it in for another touchdown only 57 seconds into the game. On the Panthers next drive they were forced to punt after a 3 and out and then Goodhue jammed the ball in again this time on a run by guess who- Micah Huneke(What a stallion huh? And yes he is single.) After another short Panther drive Goodhue drove the ball down the field and was capped on a run by Eric Ryan for a Wildcat lead of 26-0 after the first quarter. The second quarter the Panthers (Pine Island) got on the board when they got lucky with 55 yard run for a touchdown. The next drive Goodhue marched down the field and some kid named Micah ran in his 4th touchdown of the game. After trading possesions a couple times Goodhue was forced to punt deep in there territory but a Pine Island player got in and blocked the punt and they recovered it in the endzone for another PI touchdown. Then Goodhue got on the board once more before half when Eric Ryan scored his 2nd of the night for a 38-14 halftime lead.
Halftime didnt change much as Goodhue came out on a long 8 minute drive capped by another Eric Ryan touchdown. In the 4th quarter Goodhue's 2nd string came in and scored too on a dive by Ethan Tutewohl to finish the scoring at 52-14.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Goodhue Volleyball Team

The Goodhue Volleyball Team is 11-0 so far this season. There are many things that have helped them gain these wins including practice,pregame rituals, and our fans.

A normal day in practice for the Goodhue volleyball team starts with stretching and peppering. Then we do a passing drill until coach (Andy Kimball) is satisfied with the passes. Next coach will have a specific thing the team needs to work on. this can be anything from hitting to blocking to serving. each practice ends with a little junior on senior scrimmage.

Another thing that helps the team is our Pre-game Rituals. Before each home game the girls go to what is called Mac' n' cheese fest. the last Mac' n' cheese fest was at my house (Merrisa Ramboldt) house where we made locker signs and snacked on good food. Some other Mac' n' cheese events include decorating shirts, making hemp bracelets, and painting our nails pink. we then go watch part of 9th and b-squad games. In the locker room we dance to "jump Around" which really gets us pumped up. After that we Read I.F. ,which is a letter from a secret fan. this letter tells us our game strategy and gives us a few laughs.

The last and most important thing that helps us win our games is our fans. Running out and seeing everyone cheering is the final thing that gets us prepared to play. "Without our our fans we would not be successful" said coach Andy as his team agreed.

Our home game this week is Thursday against Stewertville. Captain Olivia Warren said "They are tough" it will be a good game." So we hope to see you all there!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Alco, the small town Wal-mart?

As you all should know, in the small town of Zumbrota they took to idea of building an Alco. This one time, I was talking to someone and they told me that an Alco is just like a Wal-mart except it is for small towns because they aren't big enough to get a Wal-mart. So me and my fellow friend Sean set out to go and explore this so called Alco store to see what it is all about.

The night was September 27th when Sean and I arrived at Alco. At first glance we looked at the store and said what are people talking about this looks nothing like a Wal-mart. But little did we know as soon as we got into the store we had come to the conclusion that yes this store is a mini Wal-mart. They have clothes, eletronics, a small variety of food, tools, jewlery, candy, and other miscelaneous items, it was a small town Wal-mart.

I headed up to the lady behind the first counter and warned her that i was just taking pictures of the store for a report in school so that she didn't think that I was robbing the store or something. Later I went back up to her and asked her if she was the manager.

"Yes, well no I'm not, I'm just the night supervisor tonight," she replied.

After a little small talk and me asking her how she liked her job at this new Alco store she told me that she enjoyed this job much better than her last.

"I use to be commuting to work in Rochester every day until I started here," she told me. "It just wasn't much fun."

After talking with her i went over to talk to another kid behind the counter. This kid I knew, his name was Brady Kylo. I asked Brady how he liked working at Alco. "It's pretty good I guess," he said.

When I asked him how it was working at Alco compared to Subway? He responded, "Well I haven't worked at Subway, so I couldn't tell you."

Also I looked on the doors when I was leaving, what the store hours are, just in case anyone was wondering what time they were open. So if you want to go check this place out they are open Mon.-Sat. 8 to 8 and Sun. 9-6.

So now that i have told you what this Alco is all about, what it is like for the people that work there and also when they are open I hope you go to check it out when you have time.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Paw Prints 2008

This year we're going to try something a little different and use this blog for our journalism class. This should have quite a few advantages, but I'll point out the ones that come to my mind first.
*Interactive: You will be able to give feedback on current stories and give suggestions for future stories.
*Current: News is best when it is just that, new. By allowing the individual class members "publish" as soon as their done with their article, stories should be much fresher, so you won't be reading about a game that happened two weeks ago, read a movie review for a film that is already out of theaters, or missing an important meetings/fundraisers because they're already finished.
*Green: Blogs don't use any paper to read, so we'll be saving some trees this year.
*Audience: Our blog will be accessible to anyone who is interested in Goodhue School, whether that be alumni, student relatives, Goodhue citizens, etc.
*Multimedia: Blogs allow us to use more than just words. We Should have some good color pictures, and perhaps even some video and soundbites as well.
Like I said, there are plenty of other good reasons, but that's the tip of the iceberg at least. Hopefully we'll have a blog you'll want to check on regularly.
-Mr. Mett