Thursday, September 27, 2007

Elevator, Elevator we got the Shaft!

Homecoming is a time for high schoolers across the nation to get out of class, crown a king, and put on a skit. The skits are always full on controversy and this year was no different with the juniors and the seniors.
The booster club came out and did their song and dance as they do every year, the junior high needs time to blossom into true skit form, but for the juniors there was no doubt about it they deserved to win their second straight skit title, but I am pretty sure that we got the shaft so we asked everybody.

Here are some indirect quotes from people who witnessed it first hand.

Mr. Stern- I’m thinking the ninth graders

Brandon Hadler- Juniors were fricken’ sweet man

Tyler Lexvold- I’m a pervert

Richard- We should have won. No one plays a better Berge than me.

Anonymous junior girl- We got … jipped.

Micah- It was a really good skit until Dan sang the song

Weime- Juniors dominated until Dan came in

Brent- Juniors cause my dad was in it!

Mal- Our advisor loves the seniors

Brit Loder- The younger kids were good

Mr. Johnson- It was excellent

Mitch Mandelkow- I was too busy chopping to come to Coronation

Dan Austin- No comment. I don’t want to sound like a criminal

The whole junior class….we got screwed.

By: Allison & DJ

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