Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Goodhue Volleyball Team

The Goodhue Volleyball Team is 11-0 so far this season. There are many things that have helped them gain these wins including practice,pregame rituals, and our fans.

A normal day in practice for the Goodhue volleyball team starts with stretching and peppering. Then we do a passing drill until coach (Andy Kimball) is satisfied with the passes. Next coach will have a specific thing the team needs to work on. this can be anything from hitting to blocking to serving. each practice ends with a little junior on senior scrimmage.

Another thing that helps the team is our Pre-game Rituals. Before each home game the girls go to what is called Mac' n' cheese fest. the last Mac' n' cheese fest was at my house (Merrisa Ramboldt) house where we made locker signs and snacked on good food. Some other Mac' n' cheese events include decorating shirts, making hemp bracelets, and painting our nails pink. we then go watch part of 9th and b-squad games. In the locker room we dance to "jump Around" which really gets us pumped up. After that we Read I.F. ,which is a letter from a secret fan. this letter tells us our game strategy and gives us a few laughs.

The last and most important thing that helps us win our games is our fans. Running out and seeing everyone cheering is the final thing that gets us prepared to play. "Without our our fans we would not be successful" said coach Andy as his team agreed.

Our home game this week is Thursday against Stewertville. Captain Olivia Warren said "They are tough" it will be a good game." So we hope to see you all there!

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