Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Homecoming '07

On the week of September 17, 2007, Goodhue Public School celebrated Homecoming. The events that occurred were coronation, skits, hall decorations, window paintings, boys volleyball game, powder puff, a parade, the football game, and a dance.

The candidates for Homecoming queen were Alyssa Howard, Ashley Lexvold, Merrisa Ramboldt, Olivia Warren, and Brittney Lodermeier. The candidates for king were Brett Watson, Tyler Stehr, Chad Meyer, Micah Huneke, and Kelby Buck. On Monday night the coronation took place. Previous King, Tim R. crowned the new king, Tyler Stehr. When asked if any of the other candidates were upset, Tyler answered, “Not that I know of, Eric was [angry] that he didn’t get queen though.” Next Tyler crowned his queen…Brittney Lodermeier.

Then each grade did their skit. The skit winners were the Seniors. They also announced the hallway winners - the Seniors, and the window winners - the Sophomores. At the end of all competitions, the Seniors and Sophomores tied for first place, the Juniors got third place, the Freshmen got fourth, the eight graders got fifth, and the seventh graders got sixth.

On Friday, Homecoming day, the cheerleaders had a pep rally right away. Then the junior and senior boys went against each other in a volleyball match. The juniors won the first match by a few points. Then the seniors won the second match. But the juniors came back and beat the seniors by winning the third match. Then the seniors played the teachers, but the teachers were victorious.

Later in the day, the junior and senior girls played powder puff. It was a lot of
Fun, but one of the junior players got a little too aggressive and left a few senior players bruised. They ended up tying 7 to 7. At 2:30 the parade began. First the band played, then the elementary students went through. Next the high school floats went, the sophomores had the winning one. Last the royalty went through and threw out candy.

At 7:00 Friday night, the Homecoming game started. Wildcats vs. Panthers. By halftime the Wildcats were up 38-14. The Cats ended up victorious at 52-14, making the team 3-1. At 9:00 the Homecoming dance started. According to Lauren Brown, the dance was “really boring ... they played two year old songs.” The dance ended at 11:30.

By: Laura Lodermeier, Amber Pearson, and David Safe

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