Monday, September 24, 2007

Alco, the small town Wal-mart?

As you all should know, in the small town of Zumbrota they took to idea of building an Alco. This one time, I was talking to someone and they told me that an Alco is just like a Wal-mart except it is for small towns because they aren't big enough to get a Wal-mart. So me and my fellow friend Sean set out to go and explore this so called Alco store to see what it is all about.

The night was September 27th when Sean and I arrived at Alco. At first glance we looked at the store and said what are people talking about this looks nothing like a Wal-mart. But little did we know as soon as we got into the store we had come to the conclusion that yes this store is a mini Wal-mart. They have clothes, eletronics, a small variety of food, tools, jewlery, candy, and other miscelaneous items, it was a small town Wal-mart.

I headed up to the lady behind the first counter and warned her that i was just taking pictures of the store for a report in school so that she didn't think that I was robbing the store or something. Later I went back up to her and asked her if she was the manager.

"Yes, well no I'm not, I'm just the night supervisor tonight," she replied.

After a little small talk and me asking her how she liked her job at this new Alco store she told me that she enjoyed this job much better than her last.

"I use to be commuting to work in Rochester every day until I started here," she told me. "It just wasn't much fun."

After talking with her i went over to talk to another kid behind the counter. This kid I knew, his name was Brady Kylo. I asked Brady how he liked working at Alco. "It's pretty good I guess," he said.

When I asked him how it was working at Alco compared to Subway? He responded, "Well I haven't worked at Subway, so I couldn't tell you."

Also I looked on the doors when I was leaving, what the store hours are, just in case anyone was wondering what time they were open. So if you want to go check this place out they are open Mon.-Sat. 8 to 8 and Sun. 9-6.

So now that i have told you what this Alco is all about, what it is like for the people that work there and also when they are open I hope you go to check it out when you have time.

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