Wednesday, October 31, 2007



Mitch Mandelkow

I think that it is a good idea to lift a truck because if you do any off-roading you will not get hung up on things under your truck and break something. You could tear your tranny out if you hit something hard enough on it or you could tear out your transfer case.

They have two different kinds of lifts. One is a body lift witch just lifts the body of your truck, which is pretty much just for looks because it does not lift anything up under your truck. The other kind is a suspension lift this is the one that I would recommend if you are going to be doing off roading. If you are trying to go through deep mud with you truck and it does not have much ground clearance you are most likely going to get caught up on something and bottom out. So when you have a lift you have more ground clearance witch means you can go through more mud. Also you are going to want to get some nice big tires to make your truck look good and that will also help you off roading. You can get a lift anywhere from 2 inches of lift to 15” of lift.

If you just want to make your truck nice and want to go through a little mud but you are not a hard core mudding person I would recommend getting a 4” suspension lift. You can get all different brand names some are, Tuff Country Ruff Country Sky Jacker and so on…. The lift can range from 250$ to 2000$. If you are getting a lift for a gas truck it is going to be a little cheaper than getting one for a diesel, because a diesel is a lot more heavy.

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