Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Borderline4x4 off-road club

Borderline 4x4 off-road club

The best thing about the Borderline 4x4 club, is that we can go wheeling on trails, play in the mud, clime over rocks that are the size of your trucks, and the best thing is that your truck will not come out of the woods without any dents on it because of all the trees.

People of all ages have their own trucks in this club but you need your driving permit to be out on the trails. We make our own trails or trails that were already made for the trucks like washout ditches, creeks' and trails just going through the woods. And you can bring a camper or tents to sleep in or you can use your truck to sleep in to.

In wet weather like we've been having lately, we can have lots of fun in the mud. We have rock climbs, mud runs, and a mud hole that we can play in with our trucks. There is a river down the road where we go in Frontenac that we can go swimming and wash our self's off when we get muddy. When we get stuck we can use tow straps or winches to pull out the truck that is stuck.

We meet every first Friday of the month. Anyone can join as long as they are 18 years of age or older. We meet at Veit’s Bar in Hager City, Wisconsin. We go 4-wheeling in Gilbert, Minnesota, New Albern, Wisconsin, Moab, Utah, Frontenac Farms, Minnesota.

Their are all kinds of trucks like Fords, Chevys, Jeeps, home-made buggies, Toyotas, Jeep Willys, and trucks made out of all other trucks. Some of the trucks are also modified. You can add bigger tires, bigger suspension lifts, or you can do body lifts. You can add roll cages around your trucks too. Lots of people put thousands of dollars into their trucks.

This is my dad's truck, he rolled it over at on of the places we go 4-Wheeling and that's in Frontenac. We converted our truck to propane. So it runs off it insted of gas. It does the same but it is cleaner. We can role it over an it will stay running. "THAT IS SWEET"

We put lots of money into our truck.

By: Troy Simmons

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