Thursday, October 11, 2007

NHS Flood Relief Fundraiser

As many of you know this past week there was a NHS Flood Relief Fundraiser. The Fundraiser took place monday october 8th -friday october 12th. There were pink buckets placed in almost every classroom, at the volleyball game on thursday and in area businesses.

All the money collected will be going to the flood victims of the southeast Minnesota flood. Many people lost there homes and belongings. When talking to some of the 6th graders many of them told me about people they knew that lost there homes in the flood. Sixth Grader Ben Ramboldt said "my aunt lost her house and my cousin has 2 inches of water in her basement." This money will help those families rebuild there homes and there lives

Through this fundraiser we earned 308.42. Thank you to everyone who donated. The money will be put to good use.

Thank You, Merrisa Ramboldt

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