Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Teen Drinking

Teen drinking is very bad if the teens haven’t been informed how to drink. For ages people have been told that a teen drinking is a terrible thing but what is so different from a nineteen year old and a twenty-one year old two years isn’t much, especially if teens are taught how to drink by their parents or guardians.
There are so many statistics and things happening that make people say teen drinking is bad, it makes them alcoholics, they do stupid things, and they get into car crashes and kill people. If adults give kids an environment where drinking is ok most kids would probably not even do it because it is accepted.
In foreign countries drinking is ok you never hear about drunk driving and killing people in Germany or Amsterdam. That is because kids have been taught how to drink and they can choose not too, they will not get in trouble either way there are a lot less kids that will do it because some kids do it to just to feel cool and disobey the law and or there parents.
I believe that if parents teach their kids how to drink they are more likely not to drive because they know their parents taught them not to and if they needed a ride they know they can get one from their parents and they would be more unlikely to drink tremendous amounts off alcohol and get alcohol poisoning and die or drive and kill someone else. In conclusion I think if that underage drinking is not an entirely bad thing it is bad if it isn’t a controlled environment

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