Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Getting Ready for the RUT

Hey it's getting to be that time of year again. Yeah, I'm talking about the rut. The time of the year that every hunter waits for. When that big mature buck you seen on your trail camera lets up on his senses, comes out when and where he never would of before, that's when you need to be in the woods.

You need to get all your appliances ready. It's coming faster than you think. It's only several weeks away.

You have to get your gun out if you are shotgun hunting, and sight that thing in . When shotgun hunting during the rut bucks will most likely come walking in by calling or just doing everyday things, but then there are the times when they are chasing does and never stop for a descent shot. To practice on a moving target, I have heard of rolling a fifty gallon drum down a hill to practice for that running deer. Don't ask me if it works, but it might just be worth a try. If you are bow hunting you shouldn't have to worry about getting your bow sighted in, it should already be sighted in from previous hunts.

Next is the clothing. Scent is still important even though the bucks have let down there senses doesn't make them retarded. The does are still pretty normal and will smell you like normal. So you should gather up your pants, jackets, hats, gloves, and whatever else you might wear. Go to Wal*mart and buy some scent blocker and wash your clothes with scent block. If you live on a farm and hunt in farm land I have heard putting your cloths in a barn or pole shed helps mask odor.

You can't overlook all the little details. Like at my place I have a decoy sitting in the shed. My dad has his smoker in the shed and always cooks in there. Well when the hole shed pretty much gets smoked out so does that decoy. So that decoy has to get washed and sprayed down with scent block. It might just save your chance at a buck if you know it or not.

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