Wednesday, October 31, 2007

FFA Fruit Sale

Every year the Goodhue FFA holds the annual fruit sale. Every FFA member can sell fruit. “A lot of members haven’t turned in their dues yet so they won’t be able to sell fruit until they do,” said Mr. Thompson. So this means you better get your dues in! The whole idea of selling fruit is to make money for the chapter. Five percent of your sales go straight to your pocket and 20 percent goes into your account. You can use this money throughout the year to pay for expenses and so on. First through fifth place sellers receive a plaque, so all FFA members try to sell as much fruit as possible! Also, there will be a fruit order form in the November School Newsletter. This year the fruit sale fundraiser starts on October 29. The last day to turn in orders is November 16. The fruit will be delivered sometime between December 10th and 14th.

There are four different 30-35 pound mixed fruit boxes that can include grapefruit from Texas, naval seedless oranges from California, apples and pears from Washington. There is a variety of different apples to choose from. There are also holiday fruit boxes that are 18 pounds. You can also purchase all the fruit separate if you don’t want a mixed boxes.
There is a lot more items to buy than just fruit from the fruit sale fundraiser. You can also purchase beef sausage, beef sticks, string cheese, cheese spread, and a variety of mixed nuts. There is also a variety of popcorn to choose from. It comes in one gallon containers in caramel, french vanilla, cheddar cheese and cranberry twist flavors. The best thing by far we sell is Butter Braid frozen pastry dough. It comes in seven delicious flavors including cinnamon, blueberry cream cheese, cherry, apple, cream cheese, and raspberry. There are also caramel rolls. It bakes in just 20-25 minutes and tastes delicious. Last but not least you can buy a three pound tub of herring.

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