Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Showroom Beauties & Junkyard Beasts

In our latest studies in our journalism class we came up with the fabulous idea to figure out who has the best vehicle in the parking lot. For all of those people who don't know who has the showroom beauties or the junkyard beasts.

For the showroom beauties we have two vehicles. The first car that comes to mind is an electrifying red '02 Pontiac Firebird V8 T-top owned by the one and only Bryce Dankers. It's packing 315 ponies with a punch that does 0-60 in 4 seconds. When asked about this car all Bryce says is "It's so cool I cant wait to pick up chicks in it." This monster of a car is going to be a rare sporty car. After the year '02 Pontiac stopped making these models which makes this car a diamond in the rough.

The second beauty in the lot would have to be Justin Dickie's midnight black '79 Ford F100. You know when this truck is coming it has a 428 "FE" Big Block with a 7 inch lift in it. This bad boy will do 0-60 in 4.7 seconds,"It's got a lot of power so you can work and play with it whenever you want to," Justin commented. This monster pretty much does exactly what your right foot tells it to do. For being a '79 Ford F100 in mint condition this truck gets our vote to be the second best vehicle in the lot.

Now for the junkyard beasts we had a pretty good competition for being the worst vehicle. It was a tough decision to make but we had to go with Arron Waugh's dirty cream '96 Chrysler Concord. When you look at this so called car you just have to wonder how it even runs. Its got part of the grill missing which looks like it just got into a bar fight, its missing a front left hub cap, dents located on the hood and the trunk. But that's just getting started, it has no A/C, the gas gauge works sometimes on a good day, and the transmission slips between first and second gear and kicks out of gear every once in a while. To work under the hood it takes two people and a pair of pliers to open the hood. "I really don't have to worry about speeding because once I hit 55 mph its shaking like a freightliner," Waugh added.

The second junkyard beast belongs to a beast himself Tyler Stehr. Tyler owns a half white half red '82 Scottsdale Chevrolet with rust located just about every where. This beast has a 4-speed on the floor with many problems. The radio system is very nice for anyone 85 years or older for picking up all the AM stations. The Scottsdale had many engine problems for a while, to start his rust bucket, he had to have two people start it. The glow plugs didn't work so Ty had to manually engage his glow plugs and spray some ether in the engine while someone else turned the key. When asked how fast this truck goes he replied, "I would probably have to say maybe 85 but I'm scared to go that fast in it." Tyler wanted to purchase this vehicle from his father but his dad wouldn't let him because it wasn't a reliable vehicle. That right there gets our vote for the second worst junkyard beast!
Quin Kehren
Luke O'Reilly

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