Tuesday, October 30, 2007


What should you choose a diesel or a gas?
Mitch Mandelkow

Often times, people decide to purchase a large truck to haul very heavy loads. If that is not your intention, and you'd like to purchase a truck to drive more like a car (with quick, quiet acceleration), you may want a gasoline engine

There are 3 main reasons to buy a gas engine

1) Gas engines run a little smoother
2) Fuel is easier to find
3) Gas engines start easier in the winter

I think that if I was an older guy and I just hauled a few things once in a while I would get gas pickup. Because you do not have to deal with the clod blooded diesel in the winter, you can just jump in and go.

If you want a truck that you can pull a big gooseneck trailer or any big trailer. You should be looking into getting a diesel truck.

Three reasons why you should get a diesel.

1) Good fuel economy2) High mileage3) Better for towing

Buying a diesel is going to run you a little more $$$$$ but my opion is that in the end you come out ahead. Because you can pull very heavy things while still getting good mileage when pulling, while a gas truck would get very bad. The truck will well over 300, 00 miles; I have seen a diesel run to 10,000. Also just while you are driving down the road you get good mileage.

So my opion is that if you are going to haul all kinds of heavy things and want a long lasting truck stick with the diesel. If you just want a smaller truck that you can haul a lawn mower or what ever in and do not want to deal with the cold blooded diesel stick with the gas.

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