Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Duck Hunter

It was a cool evevning after a Goodhue Wildcat football victory over Zumbrota. Ryan Kassen and I were headed up to our cabin in Grantsburg, Wisconsin. It is a two hour drive. We arrived to the cabin at about eleven thirty p.m. and went to bed. The next morning at about five in the morning the alarm but we shut it off right away and got back at about nine thirty. When we got up my dad had my breakfast ready, after breakfast we headed out to hunt we ended up getting out in the swamp about ten thirty. We all got set up and ther were ducks flying everywhere but they seemed to want to land on the opposite side of the swamp. Then after about two hours Ryan and I decided to head over in that area. "The walked sucked," Said Kassen. When we first sat down after we set out the decoys the birds want to land every where around us but didn't seem to want to come to us, so I decided to head over about two hundred yards away from ryan to see if I do any better over there. After about an hour and a half Ryan had shot more than I had so I headed back to him I sat down and a flock flew right in the decoys. At the end of the day we ended up with two mallards and three teal, and we only were out hunting for about four and a half hours we arrived just in time for brats at the cabin. After we ate I took the five ducks and cleaned them while Ryan cleaned the guns. Then we all went inside and watched tv for an hour and webt to bed.

The next couple of days we woke up late ate breakfast like normal and we were out hunting by ten to eleven thirty. The second day of the trip was our best day we got out there it was about fifty degrees and was misty and rainy we sat down in our normal spots and the ducks were flying everywhere the fist flock came in and we shot two. But after the next couple flocks came in we were getting spotted and so Ryan and I built ourselves a blind by the water underneath a log. Therest of the days was good not to many more spotted us and we ended up walking out of the swamp with six nice mallards. The rest of the days did not do so well becasue of the weather we only ended up with two more ducks . so we left early becasue of the weather and we home in time so I could go deer hunting the next day.

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