Wednesday, October 24, 2007

School Luches Are too SMALL!

Is your stomach still growling after lunch? How old are you? In the last 5 years the USDA has establishes new nutrition standards for school meals as part of the healthy Meals for Healthy Americans act of 1994. I disagree with this. Cutting down on the amount of food a student gets just because some kids don’t take care of themselves is just wrong.
One of the reasons USDA thinks we need small lunches is to keep kids from becoming obese. Many kids at Goodhue School are in sports or some type of athletic activity, without a substantial amount of food this could hurt our health more than help it. People who burn a lot of calories by being active need food to burn. If we are not getting a good amount of food to eat this may cause I loss of energy, which will be worse than eating a few extra bites. If they are trying to make it healthier for obese kids, the obese kids should have to take there own initiative to get healthy. Not punish us by starving the healthy students.
If they are not going to allow larger servings for the regular meal they should at least give the option of getting seconds, or thirds. By not allowing us seconds of the main course they are forcing us to buy junk food like fruit roll ups, rice crispy bars, and expired peanut bars that are unhealthier than another BBQ on a bun. “I feel like all I eat at lunch is expired peanut bars and I never get full,” said Brittney Lodermeier
As of right now seniors and kindergartners get the same amount of food on a regular basis. This is not right. The kindergartners throw away half the lunch they get anyway. Why don’t we give them less food and the older students, who will eat the food, more to eat. When asked “why do we get so little food,” a cook replied “we have to follow the rules.”
Some suggestions to those who are still hungry I guess you will have to pack a second lunch or continue living off of junk food and expired peanut bars.

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