Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Supermileage Teams

In Principle of Technology one of the classes at Goodhue High school, they are making super mileage cars. Mr. Bestul is the teacher of this class. "The class sounds like it will be a good one this year," said Mr. Bestul. There is a total of 4 teams, in team 1 Micah, Kelby, Eric, and Quin, team 2 Dan, Lucas, Andrew, and Kody, team 3 Caleb, Ethan, Chad, and Peter. team 4 Richard, Bryce, Arron, and Sean. "The car we are making is going to be a little harder then everyone else’s, " said Sean.

The first three teams are making there’s out of aluminum so they don’t weigh that much, but the fourth team is making a different kind of car that everyone in the class will get to drive this on is called the super mileage tank. All the teams make there own designs. The cars are ran by a 3.5 HP engine, which a little gas tank will have the same amount of gas as everyone else to see who’s will get the most mileage per gallon. The class gets to take a trip and compete with are school teams and other school teams to see who will get the most mileage per gallon. This sound’s like it will be a lot of fun. I will be up dating what everyone is doing with the cars on my next blogs to come.

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