Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bringing Cheer to those in Need.

Yes, once again it is that time of year. There's the lights hung up on the houses and everyone is bringing in the Holiday cheer. You have presents all bought every single sibling, friend, uncle and aunt. The one thing we don't seem to remember around this holiday season though, is that some kids and adults can't celebrate this holiday season with as much cheer as they want to. The best thing around this holiday season I think, is giving. Giving to those in need is something everyone should think about this year. At Goodhue School, Katie Lichtblau is having a toy drive for 'Toys for Tots'. Toys for Tots gives children (most under the age of 13) a toy this holiday season at no cost to them. All you have to do is drop off a toy in Mrs. Lagosh's room. It doesn't have to be super special, or expensive for that matter, it just has to be unused and ready to give to a child. A simple toy could mean the world to a child, who may have gotten nothing.

Besides Toys for Tots, there's also other charities you can donate to this holiday season. Salvatioin Army is also a big one. They don't ask for much, just the spare change in your pocket. All this spare change can add up over time and give money for a family to have a hot meal, toys, or clothing. So the next time your 'jingling' and you hear a 'ringing' drop off that extra change into that little red bucket.

Whether you have a lot of money to give, or a little, it means the world to those in need. You never know if that could be you one day either, for anything can happen. Bringing a smile to a kids face, or hearing the cheer of a family who got the money they needed, just may be the best gift you recieve this holiday season.

Happy Holidays♥

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