Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ATV's vs. Snowmobile's

Owners of ATVs and snowmobiles are battling it out over who can use trails in the province. Legislation gives snowmobiles the sole right to use the trails they manage. But ATVers feel shut out. But it has left owners of ATVs wondering where they fit it. Already the four wheeled drive vehicles outnumber snowmobiles by about two to one. Furthermore, the snowmobile season is short but ATVs can operate year round.


4-Wheel Drive interestingly enough, both units are all-wheel-drive, use a push button to engage the 4-wheel drive, and have its own system for true 4-wheel drive. The Outlander uses the Visco-Lok front differential. This is a locking front differential that uses hydraulic pressure to lock both front wheels. As one wheel starts to slip or spin, this action creates the inner working of the differential to act as a hydraulic pump and puts pressure against the inner clutch pack making a self contained, hydraulic front locking differential. This unit can sense and control the needs mechanically as the vehicle needs more traction, steering effort is not an issue. You can also put track on your ATV, but you need more power or a bigger ATV.


Snowmobiles have a track and ski's. They only can be driven on snow and not in mud and over trees and rock. They can not be driven in the summer because the ski's and track can get wreaked real easily on the pavement and grass or dirt.

I prefer a ATV because I can ride it all year round.

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