Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Going Green

You hear so much about the problem with global warming, yet you can't really decided what you as an individual can do. 'Going Green' is alot easier than you may think. There is tons of things we use in our everyday life that actually contributes to things like global warming. Like the amount of energy it takes to keep a fridge cool, or keeping a room lit.

So for starters you can go home and change your light bulbs. Yes, that's right by buying a different light bulbs you are actually helping the world get greener. Back in 1973 these special light bulbs called CFLs were invented after the Middle East oil crisis. These light bulbs need as little as 15 watts to equal the 60 watts a normal incandescent blub needs to brighten a room. On average the CFLs cost around $2.00 (talk about a cheap way to go green) and can burn up to 10,000 hours! The normal incandescent bulb only burns up to 1,000 hours. Those extra 9,000 hours can end up saving you around $200 in five years. The CFLs come in many different designs so they can fit any appliance, and brighten up any home.

Another thing you can do to go greener is to cut back on showers. You really don't need an hour long shower, there is no point. By cutting your shower down to only ten minutes, after five years you could fill over 200 pools. You can also remember to shut the lights off in the room that you are not using. There's no point in leaving on a light for your imaginary friend; all you are doing is just wasting energy that could be used towards things like air conditiong. Which is another thing you can improve on too. By turning down the heat this winter by 5 degrees, you are saving a lot of energy.

So go green and save the planet. You'll be thanking yourself once you get this months electircity or heating bill. All this energy saving can actually help you save MONEY for that vacation that you've always wanted to take.

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