Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Late season Pheasant Hunting

During the past week I have been pheasant hunting with my Friends and we have shot six total. but I am the only one that has shot a pheasant out of the three of us so I got all six of them. The other two had there chances to get one Jordan has missed three times and Lucas Pagel only twice.

The first time that he missed was behind his house we were walking and we were getting to the end of the CRP grass and Jordan yells "Rooster" and it had gotten up to far for him to shoot it came around towards me and I shot it then as soon as I picked the bird up and another one got up right in front of Jordan at about five to eight yards away "bang","bang", "bang" nothing fell out of the air I asked Jordan if he had got it because I couldn't see he said "No I think I tried to shoot to fast." The next time Jordan had missed is when I had just got done shooting two pheasants and I wounded one of them so I told Pagel and Jordan to keep going I will go and look for the one I had wounded and I didn't even get fifty yards and I heard three shots ring out again. After I had looked for the bird and could not find it I went to get them the had both missed Pagel missed twice and Jordan only missed once.The last time Jordan missed was that same day about twenty minutes later when we were walking through the woods and I heard a pheasant get up it was right in front of Jordan at about ten yards then I told Pagel that Jordan is pathetic and how you can never rely on Jordan to get a pheasant. Pagel has not shot a pheasant this year but he only missed five times, and I got six and did not miss a bird yet but that can sure change in a hurry. we have got 21 days left of the season and we will hopefully get some more if we can hit any of them.

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