Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In the super mileage teams they have currently been working the past couple weeks and this is some of the different things that they have been doing.

Micah, Kelby, Eric, and Quin are in team 1. They are moving along with there design, which is looking pretty good, but still have a long ways to go. "We have a good design and good group members we will do pretty good," said Kelby.

Dan, Lucas, Peter, and Kody are in team 2. Well now there design is looking really good which Dan Austin has came up with. This group has already started making some of they parts and have even started welding them together. This team is doing great so far. "I think we will do really good with our design," said Lucas.

Caleb, Ethan, and company are in team 3. This team has a good design; it looks like this car is going to be a good one. The team has not started anything really with their parts, but it looks like they will be soon.

Richard, Bryce, Arron, and Sean are in team 4. Now this team is doing something a little different. They are building the super mileage tank that everyone will get to drive. Steel will be used to build tank rather then aluminum. The design looks pretty basic but a good design.
The teams are seeing some progress, but they would like to see some more so in my next blog I will let you know how the teams are doing.

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