Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Long Journey to School

As many of you have noticed, if you get to school after 8:05 a.m. in the morning, you are stuck walking all the way from the end of the second parking lot into the school. It takes five minutes just to get to your locker from the parking lot because you have to park so far away from the school. A year ago you could get to school at 8:10 and park in the first ten spots in the parking lot. Now you’re stuck parking in the last ten spots. This causes a long cold walk into the school and maybe even a tardy if you are lucky. Mrs. E added, "I have to park at the VERY end by the huge pile of snow... It takes me forever to get inside." Showing up five minutes early doesn’t seem to help the cause either. There are a couple of reasons for this.

One of the reasons why the parking lot is so crammed is because we can’t park on the street anymore. We always used to be able to park along the street until they made an announcement that no one could park on the street anymore, everyone had to park in the parking lot. This lasted maybe a day or two and everybody was parking along the street again and nothing was said until a couple of weeks ago. They put up these dumb little paper signs that said if you park on the street you are going to get towed. If they don’t want anyone to park there, than they should put up real “No Parking” signs instead of some little paper signs we can pull out of the ground. Otherwise we should be able to park on the street like we can anywhere else in Goodhue. This makes less congestion in the parking lot.

The second reason a lot of us end up parking so far away from the school is because people do not know how to park their cars. People simply can’t park there huge SUV or pickup, and they don’t care so they just leave it. Every morning there is at least two or three people who are taking up two parking spots with their pickups. For instance a bright orange pickup takes up at least two parking spots every morning. You took drivers training for a reason, so park your car right. Some people even purposely try to take up two or three parking spots because they think it looks cool and they think they’re a rebel. If we can’t park on the street, then the school should do something about people being morons and purposely trying to take up as many spots as they can. I asked DJ what he thought and he said, “Don’t drive such big pickups if you don’t know how to park them.”

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