Thursday, December 6, 2007

BCS National Championship

Do you know whos in the BCS National Championship??? No? Well your not alone, not many people do this year due to the lack of a really great team in college this year. In the past many years there has always been a team or two that sticks out above the rest and a team that you just know is going to be in the National Championship, but this year, this year is different. People don't even know who is in the title game let alone know who should be in it. The experts got together on Sunday night and chose the two teams that would be playing in the Championship of college football. They decided that LSU whos record is 11-2 on the year would join the only one loss team that remained at 11-1 in the grand daddy of college football.
Ohio State had already been pretty well placed in the title game by most voters because of there just 1 loss which came to Illinois 28-21 just three weeks ago.
LSU however had 2 losses on the year which both came in triple overtime games to Kentucky and to Arkansas in there SEC Conference Championship just two weeks ago.
Overall everyone thinks the voters got it right by choosing LSU to play with Ohio State for the title in New Orleans on January 7th. Not as many people are excited for some of the games as they have been in the past, this is a cohesive with there not being a team that is really sticking out and have been favored in every game this year.
With that I will predict that LSU comes out on top on this one I'd say about 35-27 in a tight one.

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