Friday, December 7, 2007

First Snow on Town Holiday

The Goodhue community hosted the annual town Christmas on December 1st from 9am till 1pm. It is a celebration that has been going for many years. The celebration brings in people from all over the area. Some of the extraordinary things about this year is that it was held at the Lion's Building instead for the Fire hall because there was not as many tables full of crafts and that it was the first snow of the year, which made the day magical.
As Miss Goodhue I had the privilege of taking part in the celebration. My royalty and I met at Ryan’s car wash. We then were escorted by Herman and his horses, through the cold wind and the first snow of the season, around downtown and then back to the Lion’s Building where most of the festivities were to take place. When we arrived there were people all over inside trying to keep warm despite the weather.When asked "how was the ride",Olivia Responded "COLD".
Our duties as Miss Goodhue Royalty were to take pictures of all the kids as they had a chance to sit on Santa’s lap. Many children didn’t know exactly what to think of Santa, a few cried ,some would only stand next to him but most loved him and were happy to share with him everything they wanted for Christmas.
After we were done taking pictures we got the opportunity to walk around the lions building and check out all the homemade crafts, goodies and sign up for the many drawings hoping to win a prize. Some of the many stands there included Mary Kay cosmetics, The National Honor Society with the scholarship wreaths and Holy Trinity Catholic Church bake goods. Not only were there things going on in the Lion’s Building many of the area businesses had snacks and raffles to sign up for.
Despite the weather many people made the journey to town to enjoy the community holiday. I enjoyed being a part of this community festival and am looking forward to it again next year.

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