Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Petrino Bails on the falcons for Arkansas

This could be called a vintage Nick Saban, or a Steve Spurrier, or looking down the road there's no reason Les Miles' name shouldn't grace the name for this award. But in the meantime, Bobby Petrino is king. He outdid Nick Saban, at least that man stayed for a year before sending his former team into purgatory. Bobby Petrino did what is best for Bobby Petrino.If you believe the reports, he talked to Falcons ownership Tuesday morning, but in truth, there's a good chance that this was all going to be based on whether the Falcons won their game Monday night. They didn't. So, while contracts take a long time to figure out, it took Petrino all of about 16 hours to hammer everything out, and figure out that his NFL job wasn't worth as much as going going to Arkansas. I would be outraged, and I should be outraged, that a coach would quit on his team like that. And don't be mistaken, leaving after a bad loss on national television and leaving your team out to dry is a despicable thing to do - but he's done almost the exact same thing everywhere he's ever been. What's really appalling is that Arkansas would hire him seemingly without caring.

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