Monday, November 5, 2007

Why cell phones should be banned while driving

Cell phone users should not be able to use their cell phones while driving. The most common cause of an accident is from cell phone use. Cell phone users are a proven danger on our highways.

Using a cell phone is like driving drunk. This is based on a study that appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine which concluded that cell phone use while driving increased a driver’s risk of a collision by four. Talking on the cell phone while driving is just like driving drunk, driving with a blood alcohol level at the legal limit is also associated with a relative risk of 4.

First, drivers must take their eyes off the road while dialing. Second, people can become so absorbed in their conversations that their ability to concentrate on the act of driving is severely impaired, jeopardizing the safety of vehicle occupants and pedestrians, “I think it is very dangerous an we don’t want people hurt,” said Sean.

I have experienced being a victim because of cell phone users. I stopped at a four way stop sign looked both ways and started to go when this guy flew by me. I caught up to him and what do you know he was on a cell phone. “Cell phones distract me when I drive,” said Brett.

I think that cell phone users should not be able to use them while driving. This causes way too many accidents. All you have to do is pull over, make the phone call, get going again, and its better then causing a death or someone else’s.

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