Thursday, November 1, 2007


Bowling is a great sport that you may have overlooked. You can be play it in many ways. You can bowl by yourself, with friends, have a bowling party, moon-light bowling, go to practice or bowl on league.

When you go bowling by yourself you can just have fun. You can bowl as many games as you can pay for. Bowling is three dollars a game or fifteen dollars per hour. If you are by yourself it is cheaper because you can bowl five games for fifteen dollars and bowl for more than an hour.

You could have a bowling party. You can invite tons of friends to come and bowl. Also you can have your birthday at the bowling alley too.

Moon light bowling has become a real big hit at bowling alley around the nation. Moon light bowling is bowling but the lights are turned off and there is flashing lights, black lights and strobe lights on. The cost is the $20 and is only done on Saturday night.

If you are in a league or just want to get better at bowling you can go to the bowling alley and just practice. You can figure out a new way to throw your ball or just tweak the way you bowl.

Finally you can join a league. You can join just for fun or for real competition. There are bowling league every night of the week except Wednesdays.

By: Dave Safe

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