Monday, November 26, 2007


In a battle dictated by the running game, Adrian failed to stop the onslaught leading to a new Prep Bowl record of 26 first downs by Goodhue who was victorious in a decisive victory, 28 to 7. 23 of the 26 were by rush, also a new record. In the second half alone, Goodhue controlled the clock for 21:24 minutes, while Adrian’s time of possession was 2:36. Goodhue improves their record under head coach Clair Austin’s supervision to 51 and 7.
On the game’s opening drive Adrian moved the chains a couple times yet turned the ball over due to an interception thrown by quarterback Brett Nowotny to defensiveback Micah Huneke.
Moving down the field on rushing plays, Goodhue's Huneke was tackled in the end zone on a 12 yard run play. Point after by Watson was good.
Goodhue went up 7 to 0 in the first couple minutes of the game. With less than 2 minutes left in the 1st quarter, on a successful 77 yard drive, Ryan ran in it for a 3 yard touchdown and with a failed 2 point conversion attempt the score stood at 13 to 0 for Goodhue, heading into the second quarter.
With 9 minutes left in the 2nd quarter, Adrian scored their first touchdown and with a successful point after attempt the score stood 13 to 7. The drive took 4:24 minutes off the clock and was concluded by a touchdown pass from quarterback Brett Nowotny to running back Adam Diekmann who dove into the end zone for the score.
Answering with a score of their own, Goodhue lengthened their lead by a touchdown , Brett Watson converted for 2 resulting in Goodhue’s lead, 21 to 7.
With 2:38 on the clock in the bottom of the second half, Goodhue’s wide receiver Brett Watson intercepted the ball deep in their own territory taking it a couple yards to the 7 yard line. The following drive resulted in a punt to Adrian. With the ball on their opponents 47 with 35 seconds left in the half, Adrian moved down the field on a 17 yard pass play from Nowotny to Diekmann. Nowotny threw his 3rd interception in the game to a defensive back who made it 3 yards to the six yard line with six seconds left in the half.
With a touch back, Goodhue began the opening drive of the second half 1st and 10 from the 20. Grinding time off the clock, Goodhue utilized dual running backs Eric Ryan and Huneke in a 17 play drive which ended on the opposing 22 yard line. The drive took 7:11 minutes, on 17 plays. Plagued with 2 devastating penalties, Adrian punted away on the tail end of their drive.
After a re-kick due to a penalty on Goodhue for too many players on the field, Goodhue started the final drive in the 3rd quarter on the 20 yard line with 18 seconds left on the clock. With three quarters of play gone, Goodhue controlled the clock with a possession time of 23:33 to Adrian’s 12:27.
Goodhue’s quarterback Kelby Buck completed a 32 yard pass to Ryan. He was 5-5 all to Eric following the play. A personal foul against Adrian resulted in half the distance to the goal line placing Goodhue 1st and goal inside the five yard line. On a 3 yard run play, Ryan punched it in for a touchdown. With the extra point good, Goodhue lengthened their lead, 28 to 7. The drive took 5:23 off the clock.
On a drive bringing Adrian down inside the five, they failed to convert for the first by 1 yard, turning the ball over on downs with just over 2 minutes left in the game. Running down the clock (literally), Goodhue ended the game with a 21 point lead over Adrian. The game lasted for 2:18 hours.

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