Friday, November 2, 2007

Goodhue vs. Lewiston-Altura

The top-seeded Wildcats won against the No. 4 Lewiston-Altura on Saturday in the second round of the Section 1A and with the score to be a 49-7 victory for the Wildcats.
Goodhue’s offense had a total of 496 yards, which included 340 rushing. The Wildcats have to go up against undefeated Blooming Prairie for the section title. The Wildcats are looking to reach the state tournament for the fifth straight year.
Eric Ryan rushed for 154 yards and four touchdowns and Micah Huneke had 84 yards on the ground with 15 carries. Goodhue junior Ethan Tutewohl closed out the scoring with a 2-yard run in the fourth quarter.
Goodhue’s quarterback Kelby Buck hooked up with Brett Watson three times for 145 yards, including touchdowns of 49 and 86 yards. Buck finished 4 of 6 for 156 yards and two touchdowns.
The Wildcats improve to 9-1 heading into Friday’s game with the undefeated Blooming Prairie.

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