Friday, November 2, 2007

Bye Bye Blue Cow

Now is time for the random ‘rants’ and "raves" section of the blog.
Rant #1 98 percent fat free milk is too fattening. According to our school it is. The school is taking away the blue cartons of milk since we are going to get to fat and they are trying to teach us better eating habits. “We aren’t trying to starve kids just give them healthy eating habits,” said Robert Bangston superintendent.

Which is nice, but in milk? Seriously its 98% fat free. “We are making an effort to promote healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.” With the blue milk there is less then 4 grams of fat. And it won’t be called 2 percent for long. The name will be getting changed to low fat milk. Yes you heard me right low fat milk. I’m sorry but I do not understand why we need to get rid of it.
Another thing that is catching on rapidly is raw milk. This means that it is not pasteurized it is straight from the cow. A lot of people find that raw milk helps them lower weight and blood pressure. One patient went from 325 lbs. to 284 lbs. in two weeks on two qts. of raw milk a day and her blood pressure was reduced from 220 to 170. With raw milk all of the vitamins and minerals stay in the milk. So don’t tell me that milk is too fattening.

Watch TV for a day you see all of these people loosing weight drinking milk and exercising. Milk of what we eat is not the problem its what you do after you eat. Your calories go as you go so if you don’t go anywhere, you will gain weight it’s a fact of life. So don’t tell me that less food or fat free food is the answer its what you do after you eat that food is what matters.

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