Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Senior Superlatives

This year I Passed out and tallied the results for the 2008 senior superlatives. I am here to tell you the results of the superlatives and how next years seniors should carry out the task of senior superlatives. First because I know you all are waiting I will list the results:

Best Butt-Brittney and Brett
Best Dressed- Summer and Caleb
Best Hair- Abbey and Kelby
Biggest Spaz- Kelsey H and Sean
Most athletic- Olivia and Eric
Most Likely to succeed- Laura P and Brett
Looniest Laugh- Alyssa and Quin
Best Smile- Brittney and Chad M
Teachers Pet-Kelsey M, Micayla and Kelby
Most unique- Krista and Dan
Most likely to skip class-Anna P and Ryan
Best Car-summer and Caleb
Most Creative-Krista and Dan
Most likely to end up in jail-Kelsey H and Ryan
Most likely to never leave Goodhue-Merrisa and Micah
First to get Married-Micayla and Eric
Frequently flirty-Alyssa and Tyler
Friendliest-Carissa and Tyler
Biggest Partiers- Anna P and Alex
Biggest Preps-Brittney and Kelby
Quietest- Amber and Jordan
Class Clowns-Olivia and Quin
GHS couple of the year- Eric and Micayla
Cutest would be couple-Eric and Olivia
Spunkiest Spirit- Alyssa and Tyler
Best all around personality-Olivia and Brett
Macho Moocher-Andrea and Aaron
Tardy King-Ashley and Chad M
Dangerous driver-Anna P and Caleb
Most forgetful-Carissa and Lucas
Best Body-Brittney and Brett
Best Eyes- Cassie and Quin
Best musician- Anna R and Taylor
Biggest gossiper-Courtney and Caleb
Most paranoid- Kelsey H and Lucas
Biggest Story teller-Brittney and Dan
Most Random-Carissa and Trevor
Most Obnoxious- Kelsey H and Quin
First to have Kids- Brittney and Eric
Most likely to never be seen after High School- Kelsey H and Jordan
People you’d want to take home to you parents-Olivia and Tyler
Worst Car-Andrea and Aaron
Worst Senioritis- Abbey and Micah
Most outgoing- Olivia and Dan
Most gullible-Summer and Kelby
Most Photogenic-Anna P and Chad M
Most Unforgettable-Olivia and Quin
Most likely to never be single-Alyssa and Kelby
Ditziest- Brittney and Quin
Most Changed since 7th Grade-Merrisa and David
Best Nicknames-Alyssa (Big Red) and Eric(MEAT)
Most Easygoing- Alicia and Micah
Most likely to become President- Laura P and Brett
Most opinioned-Kelsey H and Ryan
Dirtiest mind-Anna R and Tony
Biggest Ego-Abbey and Kelby

Now as far as the senior that will be doing this project next year… If you don’t have the time DON’T DO IT. This project took me 6 hours or more. You are going to want some people to help you. I had Brett and Sean Helping me. They were both very helpful. The first thing we did was research all the possible superlatives we could come up with. We looked on the internet where we found most of them; we also looked in past year books. Next we decided which ones we would like to use. Then we typed them up in 3 columns, first column the superlative, next a girl column and a boy column. We made a copy of the superlatives and a class list for each senior and put them in each locker. We also hung signs up listing what was in their locker, when they were due, and who to give them to when they were done. I took them every day and tallied them on computer which is much easier than hand writing them. Once the due date was up I stopped collecting and typed up the final results. It helps to keep up so you don’t have to do all the tallying at once. Now that I have the final results I will be posting them like I just did and also will write them out and hang them up in the senior hallway like every other year.
I also will be putting the results in the yearbook. Brett and I will write all the results and then take a few pictures of the winners doing what they do best. For example if a person wins best butt we would take a picture of their butt and then post it in the yearbook next to where it says they received best butt. We will also decorate the page so that you can tell it’s the superlatives page by putting a title on it and adding other decorations. The senior superlative pages will be right after the senior class picture pages so that all the senior stuff is in the same area of the yearbook. I hope that you all will purchase a yearbook to see how great it looks and so you can keep the memories forever.


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