Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cards in study hall

By: Laura Lodermeier

It’s just another ordinary day at school. You go to your fourth hour study hall, but have no homework to work on. You see once you get there that there are a lot of other students who also have no homework. The teacher won’t let you talk, since it’s a STUDY hall. After a few minutes of sitting there bored, you start to doze off. All of a sudden you feel a tap on your shoulder; you look up to see a tall, mean teacher glaring at you. “NO SLEEPING IN MY STUDY HALL,” he says. “Well what am I supposed to do? I have no homework to do,” you ask. “Find something!” he replies. You’re probably wishing you could find something fun, yet quiet, to do in study hall. Students should be allowed to play cards in their study halls.

Those opposed to letting us play cards in study hall may say we would be gambling, and that’s illegal since we’re not 18. But we wouldn’t actually be gambling, we’d be playing simple games, not betting any money- just keeping ourselves busy when we have no homework. Teachers could supervise us or check up on us now and then to make sure we’re not doing anything we shouldn’t be.

Another opposition may be that the volume level in study halls would go up. But there would have to be rules for us to follow in order for us to play. It would be a privilege, not a right. If we got too loud, our cards would be taken away for a certain period of time.
There are many reasons that students should be allowed to play cards in study hall. First, when we have no homework to work on, we always turn to friends to keep us entertained…but then get steps for talking too much. If we were able to play cards, and stay quiet, we’d be doing something fun and possibly educational for people who have trouble with numbers, and not be getting into trouble.

Another is that it would keep us awake. When we’re just sitting there in a desk quietly, with absolutely nothing to do, we tend to find ourselves asleep with our head down on the desk. If we were allowed to play cards, we would easily stay awake, then not be sleepy in our next class.
Overall, students playing cards in study hall is a good idea. If the school would just look at all of the benefits, they would see what I mean. Students would be happy, less steps would be handed out, and teachers would stop having to yell at students to quiet down.

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