Wednesday, November 21, 2007

what are some new things at welch

Some of the new things that are going to be at Welch Village this year. There new snow makers, the back bowl, and some new runs.

The first thing I’m going to go talk about is going to be the new snow makers. Welch still has their old one that they had last year, but they also got some new ones. And with them and there old ones they will be able to make enough to cover the whole mountain in just four to five days, which is pretty sweet.

The other thing I’m going to let you know about is there back bowl. They will have it all ready for next year. But they will have a total of like ten new runs to add on and they have almost everything done for it, they just have to get two more chair lifts.

Welch started making snow on Wednesday so maybe by this Friday in the afternoon they might be open, but they will only have a few runs open at first.

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