Thursday, January 17, 2008

Security Cameras at School

By the end of the month of January, Goodhue School will have security cameras monitoring the hallways. There is going to be cameras placed throughout the high school and elementary hallways. The cameras are going to mainly focus on the entrances of school and the entrances into the locker rooms. There will also be cameras by student lockers. The main purpose of these cameras is for safety, not to get anyone in trouble that looks at the cameras wrong.
The company determines where they think the security cameras are most needed. The cameras by the doorway are mainly to help ensure that there is not anyone coming into the building that is not supposed to be in the building. This promotes a lot of safety to teachers and students. The purpose of the cameras in the hallways and the entrances into the locker room are to catch people stealing belongings out of lockers. This has been an issue at our school in the past, considering we do not have locks on our ancient lockers. There is also going to possibly be one or more cameras out in the school parking lot. This will help determine theft and damage to people’s vehicles which can be very costly.
We are one of the very last schools around our area to get security cameras. Red Wing has had security cameras in the middle school and the high school for years. “We haven’t really had a need for them in the past,” stated Mr. Harvey. They are only for minor needs. They help the school find the suspect that stole something when someone complains of theft. When someone complains of something getting stole out of their locker, the school can go back and look at the cameras and determine suspects. It’s a lot easier to get things returned to their owners this way. It also helps determine what happens after school at sporting events. People find ways to get to lockers and steal stuff when no one is around. Now, the school can look back and find the suspect who did steal belongings when no one was around.
These cameras are not going to be monitored every minute of the day. There is going to be one monitoring system in the office. They are not here to ruin every student’s privacy. You won’t get called down to the office for walking in the hall during class. These cameras were put up for minor needs and they are likely to help the school a lot and make a lot of people feel more secure and happier. Mr. Harvey is not sure how many security cameras are being installed but look for them throughout the school soon!

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