Monday, January 7, 2008

Rabbit Hunting 101

It is now 2008, and hunting seasons have came to an end or will be there before you know it. Some small game is still open though. There are multiple species to hunt. I mainly hunt just rabbits and squirrels. Today I'm going to tell you how to hunt rabbits and why you should hunt them.

The rabbit I hunt is the cottontail. They are a small, fast, challenging little things. For you who don't know what a rabbit looks like it is that little furry thing on the left of the picture.

In order to hunt rabbits or all small game you must wear one article of blaze orange. You can use many different kinds of guns and ammo. Some people use .22's but I use a shotgun. I own a 12 gauge shotgun which works just fine. It doesn't really matter what kind of shotgun you use. I recommend shotguns with a bird barrel. This comes in handy for running rabbits. As far a shot goes i recommend 2 3/4 inch 6 shot. You get cheaper ammo and plenty of bb's to take down a rabbit.

Rabbits live in many places. They are like all animals, they need cover. Rabbits like places where they can hide well. That's why your best bet is to jump on brush piles, kick cars and old wagons in a junk yard, hunt somewhere where there is lots of pine trees for them to hide under.

Rabbits are a tougher meat. There are several ways to fix this problem. You can slow cook them in a rooster with mushroom soup which is suppose to be really good. You could also shreded the meat up in to fine pieces and barbecue it. There are more recipes, but that's just a few.

Well if you hunt the places I told you to hunt, use the right guns and ammo and shoot straight you might just get your supper.

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