Friday, January 11, 2008

Beta House Disappoints All

I’m sure most of you noticed that American Pie came out with yet another movie. This slice of pie is called American Pie Presents: Beta House. It was never in theaters but it came out a few weeks ago. I got it for Christmas and watched it and I was personally very disappointed and thought that the American Pie movies keep getting worse. They started getting worse after American Wedding, because they introduced a new cast and things just weren’t as good without the real Stifler (Sean William Scott).
The movie takes the cast from the last move American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile and puts them in their first year of college. Erik and his friends go to college expecting to party it up and have the times of their life. They also think they will get into the Beta Frat no problem because Erik’s cousin is a member of the Frat. Instead they are getting forced to do dirty things to become a member of the Beta’s. They have a list of 50 dirty things to do before they can get into the party Frat. When they become members of the Frat, the Beta’s are challenged to the Greek Olympiads by the Geek Frat. This tradition was banned from the college 40 years ago but they Beta’s are up to the challenge to keep the Geeks out of their way. They end up having to do some pretty difficult challenges and pull out some pretty good stunts.
I asked a fellow classmate what he thought of the movie. “If you were disappointed with The Naked Mile, you will be more disappointed with Beta House,” commented DJ Buck. This movie is not rated so it’s definitely not for young eyes. They should probably stop making American Pie movies because they get worse every time. “It’s all a downfall since American Wedding,” said Luke O’Reilly.

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