Thursday, January 17, 2008


Nothing gets better then Conference Championships. This Sunday the final four teams left in the NFL go head to head. At 3:00 the San Diego Chargers vs. the New England Patriots, and at 6:30 its the Green Bay Packers vs. the New York Giants. The greatest football of the year could be played this sunday.

First off the San Diego Chargers pulled a huge upset against the Indianapolis Colts last week in an outstanding defensive game. The Chargers are a little bruised up from last week still, losing two key players and a third who is coming off a dislocated toe. Phillip Rivers was injured in the fourth quarter with a knee injury and also LaDainian Tomlinson bruised his right knee in last weeks game but returned to practice this week and should be playing Sunday. Bruised up or not the Chargers are not going down without a fight against the undefeated New England Patriots. The Patriots dont just play the game they dominate the game of football. Tom Brady has had the best year then all of the other quarterbacks in the league. But you just cant talk about the Patriots and not talk about Randy Moss, Wes Walker, Laurence Maroney and well the whole team. These guys have had one helva season and wish to win the super bowl but it all comes down to sundays game, if they dont bring their "A" game the underdog San Diego Chargers will capitolize.

Now for the New York Giants, the Giants haven't had the best year. It is best discribed as a rollercoster. A team that finished the reg. season 10-6, losing their starting Tightend Jeremy Shockey, to a season ending injury, who led the team in catches and touchdowns.they have been fighting injurys all year long, playing poorly all year long and making the playoffs with the first NFC wildcard spot, you wouldn't think they would be one game away from the Super bowl but they are. The Green Bay Packers for other hand have started the season with a BANG!!! Most people didn't even think they would have been in the playoffs this past offseason. But with an old hall of fame Quarterback who is playing the best football of his career Brett Favre has held this young team together and is fighting to win a Super bowl. As of right now they are looking like the second best team still alive right behind the New England Patriots. Green Bay has a great chance to make it to the Super bowl and even win it!!!
So all of you football fans out there get ready for some great football Sunday.

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